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Aseliike Markus Remes Oy

• Founded in 1982

• Focus on Outdoor, Hunting, Sport Shooting and Birdwatching categories.

• More than 20 well-known trademarks.

• Major brands include Sellier&Bellot, CZ, Meopta, Marocchi, among others.

• Located next to the second largest airport in Finland, Oulu Airport.

• Modern facilities provide the benefits of effective storing and shipping.

Aseliike Markus Remes Oy is the leading Finnish distributor of accessories within Outdoor, Hunting, Sport Shooting and Birdwatching. Our business philosophy is based on a broad, high quality product assortment, strong trademarks and punctual deliveries.

Aseliike Markus Remes Oy was founded 1982 as a hunting and sport shooting retailer that quickly expanded into distribution and wholesale business. Today we govern a brand portfolio consisting of more than 20 well-known trademarks and conduct business via a retailer network with more than 200 shops covering perfectly the vast region of Finland. The head office and logistics centre are located in Kempele, Finland, just next to the second largest and busiest Finnish airport, Oulu Airport.

Our current facilities, built back in 2010, follow completely all the local regulations and offer a great environment for storing and shipping goods from both safety and quality aspects. Even accessories such as guns and ammunition have their own safe storages with controlled levels of warmth and humidity.


We offer the most comprehensive high-quality outdoor product portfolio fulfilling the needs and requirements of both our retail partners and Finnish consumers.